Colin spotted in London (x)


Colin spotted in London (x)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ft. Merlin Cast. 


Main cast members still missing: Katie McGrath (nominated by Bradley!), Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Rupert Young and Richard Wilson.

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Anonymous said:

can I ask you, why everyone is saying that the stay with me part was improvised by Colin? Where is that knowledge from? Sorry to bother you, but since you're the most reasonable source here, I thought about asking.


as i’ve been told recently, fansites like theheartofcamelot.com have transcripts of the full episode scripts and that line is not in there.

(ocos this is no 111% proof, but unless we get to see the original scripts, this is as good as it gets and i dont see any reason to doubt it :)

Anonymous said:

Do you happen to know if the person who was on the same flight with Colin to Morocco ever said which airport they flew out from? Because somebody called Jools on Twitter is thanking Bradley for taking a picture with her girls at Gatwick. The Tweet is from August 17.


Why are doing this to me, anon? Giving me Brolin feels :’D I know nothing about Bradley being seen on the airport (thank you for information!!)


and the person who was on plain with Colin didn’t say :’D but wow :’D (i’m not sure though if colin’s flight wasn’t on 16th.)


colinmorgay said: O HOGd but its possible they saw bradley a day earlier and didnt tweet until aug 17 :DDD

That’s a big possibility, you’re right! :D

ARTHUR: Someone knew I was in trouble and sent a light to guide the way. Whoever it was, I’m only here because of them.


BBC’s Merlin - TS4 CAS Demo

Merlin (Colin Morgan)


Probably, Eoin will nominate Alex and Bradley will nominate Colin (at least I’m hoping)

Come on!! BROLIN fandom rises!!!

My nominations are, Bradley James, Eoin Macken, Luke Arnold and Jake Scroby. (+)